Minny Pops

Waiting For This To Happen/Glistering


Waiting For This To Happen

I have been waiting, waiting for this to happen
I was holding you, kissing you without doubt
You tasted like smoke in hot summer air
You smelled like burned leaves on the ground
You are wide awake, eyes blurred, sometimes shut
My mother spoke out loud, my father not so proud

We need to reconnect with our future
To move forward with our past

Mind fielding, living with great expectations
Do not know where to go, what to think, what to do
Maybe too late, wrong minding, wrong timing
Something special that will never go away
My brother spoke out loud, my sister not so proud

We need to reconnect with our future
To move forward with our past

Salt crystals shining bright as gold
A poisonous insect sitting in the sun
My shaved head gone bold
Cold hands on warm skin

We need to reconnect with our past
To move forward with our future


Absolute nothingness

Absolute nothingness

Crushed apple pie and blue lemon tart
A ship stranded on Mars, footsteps and left behind souvenirs
Red soaked horizon and a bitter cold tidal wave
Future moves past, smoked salmons on dry land

Absolute nothingness

Will you, will you?

Waiting on delayed trains, leaving my station late
The sea shore in Dungeness feels like summer frost
I never went away, not a holiday, not a vacation
Carrying a secret or two, called faith and truth
Blue birds sing and fly with their shattered wings
New Kings will rise, a brutal sensation
Shivering, whispering, glistering
Shivering, whispering, glistering
Shivering, glistering, whispering
Straight ahead the absolute nothingness will come back

Forgive me

Lyrics: Wally van Middendorp